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Automatics - when the tanks roll over poland Brutality - sadistic Carbonized - no canonization Serious Drinking - country girl Dissection - into infinite obscurity
Entombed - live EP Freshies - buy me a shirt General Surgery - necrology Serious Drinking - hangover Incubus - god died on his knees
Master / Ambomination split 45 Monstrosity - burden of evil Normil Hawaiaans - beat goes on Unspeakable Oath EP Occult - intersincarnael
Public Disgrace - toxteth Red Marks Black - memphis Repulsion - excruciation Rottrevore -copulation of the virtuous & vicious Death Sentence - death & pure distraction
Serious Drinking - love on the terraces Iggy & The Stooges - rare 5 EP box set

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