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Cleaning vinyl records using  Knosti Disco Antistat produces great results with records

that have not been looked after well and have ingrained dust & dirt in the grooves

The Disco Antistat system is an excellent affordable alternative to the professional

record cleaning machines which cost £400 or more

The cleaning fluid gets deep into the grooves and the brushes lift out any debris

The sound is vastly improved after cleaning

1 Litre of the fluid will clean around 100 records and by using the supplied

filter any dust & dirt is eliminated ready for the next cleaning session

(1 Litre bottle is supplied with the unit)

(Due to high shipping charges we can only supply Knosti Disco Antistat products within the UK)

Knosti Disco Antistat record cleaning system  £60 inc UK shipping

discoantistat unit

Replacement cleaning fluid 1 Litre     £20.00 inc UK shipping

discoantistat fluid

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